hadrian's wall walk

In the week coming I will be walking Hadrian's Wall with parishioners of St Mary the Virgin, Ovingham. This is being done as a fundraiser for our development fund.

The medieval builders of St Mary's overlooked the 21st century mission requirements of having an indoor flushing toilet, a means to provide people with a cup of tea and then wash up the mug or a door that doesn't give the distinct impression of saying 'thou shalt not pass' whilst simultaneously being pretty rubbish at retaining heat in church. We are looking to rectify these design points.

A toilet, a servery and a more convienient door will not in themselves do mission, but by goodness they will make all sorts of things more possible. If you are of the praying sort please pray for me and those walking in the coming week. If you are of the 'has spare cash for a good cause' sort please consider sponsoring this endeavour; PM me with an amount you wish to offer and if you can gift aid it an address and postcode would make your gift go 20% further. 

If you would like to donate online you go do so using the link below


Day 1 update

The weather was kind to us all except for a very wet lunch. We arrived into Crosby on Eden still in good spirits to find that the pub was closed on Tuesdays. Ironically the pub‘s tagline is “always a warm welcome”

Blessings, Tom.